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Rules for Editing the Wiki:

1. Create an account that will clearly identify who you are (ex. first initial last name). Anyone can edit the wiki without an account, but changes are most likely to be kept if they are not coming from an anonymous poster.

2. While anything within any page can be changed, please do not create new pages within the wiki or delete old pages. If you feel that there is a need to add a new page, please email the Policy committee chair directly (see section 6.3 for name and email of committee chair) OR create a discussion post on the HOME page.

3. If you add a new ‘section’ to a page, please make sure that the section is reflected in the HOME menu and the menu of the page. See Tips and Hints to learn how to anchor links from top menu to the section.

4. No questions or suggestions should be posted within the body of the wiki. If you have any suggestions or questions on the content of any page within a wiki, email the Policy committee chair OR post to the discussion of the relevant page.

5. Changes to the wiki may be done at any time except during the Manual Review phase (usually done each spring). The wiki will be locked down for those times so that the Policy committee can create the current year’s official procedure manual.