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1. Policies and Procedures Manual Review Procedure

SOLIS will review the Policies and Procedures Manual once each year. It is recommended that the review be done during the final months of the spring semester. The updated manual must be completed by the beginning of the Fall semester.
At any time during the year, if an officer or member finds an error or need for update, changes can be made through the wiki, which will automatically maintain a history of amendments. It is the responsibility of the Policy & Procedures Committee to review changes to the wiki on a regular basis and bring any significant changes to the attention of the executive board at the monthly meeting. An official copy (pdf) of the manual should be created at the beginning of the fall semester.
Review Process:
  • The Presidents will appoint a Procedure Committee Chair. The Procedure Committee Chair must be an officer.
  • The Procedure Committee Chair will request volunteers to join the committee. There should be at least one elected officer on the committee.
  • Committee members will investigate established procedures to determine which need revision or removal. In addition, the committee will determine if procedures should be added.
  • Drafts of new procedures will be presented to officers at a meeting or via an electronic method (i.e., discussion board, email, or Wiki).
  • Once members have had the opportunity to comment on the new manual, a member of the committee will compile the final draft.
  • The committee will vote on the final document. Once the final review period is passed, the manual will become final and placed into the Documents section of Blackboard by the Archivist.