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Procedures for Election of Officers

In the Fall semester of 2006, it was proposed and approved by majority vote that the groups hold two elections per year. At the end of the Spring semester (in April), elections will be held for the two Presidential positions, Treasurer, and Archivist. At the beginning of the Fall semester (in September), elections will be held for the two Vice Presidential positions, Secretary, and Webmaster. The reasons for this split are as follows:

  • New Presidents must attend a mandatory meeting with the Campus Activities Board, which usually takes place before elections had been held in Fall. In addition, new Presidents must register their organizations and constitutions usually by mid-September. It was extremely difficult for these required activities to be done on time when Fall elections were generally not completed until the end of September.
  • The Treasurer also has a number of required activities to be accomplished quickly in order that he or she be added to the Credit Union accounts in time for Fall semester.
  • The summer months are the best time for planning Fall events, and it made sense that the Presidents in term for the Fall be doing the planning.
  • We encourage people to run for the Presidency after they have already been involved in the groups. Holding elections at the end of the Spring semester means that candidates have been able to participate for at least a semester.
  • On the other hand, we encourage new students to run for Vice President at the beginning, and possibly prepare to run for the Presidency in the Spring.
  • The position of Secretary, Webmaster, and Archivist are also excellent positions for new students.

Terms for the Executive Board run as follows:
ALA President
SLA President
ALA Vice-President
SLA Vice-President

2.1 Election preparation

  1. Prior to the September meeting, an announcement will be posted to Canvas, emailed to members, and made in classes—whenever possible—asking that persons interested in running for office attend the first meeting.
  2. All positions on the Executive Board (see [[#ExecBoard|section 3]]) will be elected positions. If a position is not filled during the elections, the Executive Board can appoint a member to fill this position. See 2.5 Appointing Executive Board Members.
  3. The timeline for the election process should be determined by the Elections Committee, keeping in mind that President will need at least a week before September 30 to register the groups.
  4. At the September meeting, copies of the Policies and Procedures Manual will be passed out to interested candidates. In addition, an announcement will be made regarding the biography form, which is included in the documents section of Blackboard. Only members of the SLIS Student Organizations are eligible to run for office. Therefore, interested candidates should be shown how to join so that they can reach the biography form.
  5. The biography forms should be electronically submitted to the designated member of the Elections Committee.
  6. Campaigning includes returning the biography form, which will be posted to the online community, and answering questions from members. NOTE that phone numbers should not be included when the Elections Committee places the biography form onto a Discussion Board. Members can contact potential officers through email. There will be no negative campaigning allowed. The Elections Committee will immediately remove any candidate engaging in negative campaigning from the election process.
  7. Use the Survey tool available in Blackboard to create the ballot. Each position should have at least one candidate and one “none” option. The Survey Tool can be found in Blackboard Organizations School of Library and Information Science Student Organizations Control Panel Assessment.
  8. Throughout the voting time, reminders should be placed on the discussion board, and emails should be sent to member lists and ALIS to remind people to vote. Either the Secretary or a member of the Elections Committee should send out announcements.

2.2 Counting Votes

Survey Monkey provides an automatic tally for the votes. If there is a tie, the Elections Committee will bring this promptly to the Executive Board for action. The two preferred solutions would be to have the tied candidates be co-winners or to have another election.
Survey Monkey is web-based survey software. A free account has been set up for the Student Organizations to use for elections, surveys on meeting times, workshop ideas, etc. With a free account, we can have ten questions per survey and only 100 responses. To access Survey Monkey:

Survey Monkey is very easy to use. There are tutorials available at the following link:

2.3 Announcing New Officers

After voting has closed and votes have been tabulated, the members of the Elections Committee will send emails to both the new officers and those who were not elected.

The Elections Committee member sending the e-mail (in either scenario 2.31 or 2.32) should receive confirmation from all involved parties. If no confirmation is received, then the member should follow up with a phone call. (A phone number is supplied by the candidate in the biography.). In the event that the nominated officer does not respond within 24 hours of the installation meeting, he or she forfeits the position. The alternate candidate will then be offered the position.

2.4 Changeover Meeting
The former president of the organization hosting the meeting opens the October/April meeting. This president will convene the meeting. S/he will first announce the election results (winners only, not the numbers). S/he will also mention the available positions (if applicable). The new officers take up their duties at the conclusion of the meeting.
Ideally, the new officers will meet twice before the changeover meeting: once with the outgoing officers and once by themselves.

2.5 Appointing Executive Board Members
Any position not filled by the elections in September / March can be appointed. Interested parties should submit a biography form to the current Secretary. (If there is no current Secretary, another officer should be designated to receive the form.) The Secretary will then forward the form to all officers. The officers should discuss and approve the application within 72 hours. Reasons for not approving an application would include former removal from the Executive Board.