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4. Registering a Student Organization

4.1 Procedures:

All forms necessary for starting an organization, maintaining an organization, requesting Student Activities services as well as other pertinent forms are available at the Student Activities Office (CTR 259). Additional information about the registration and conduct of student organizations may be found in the Student handbook.

Student Activities maintains a record of status and officer listings of all officially recognized university student organizations. To remain active, each organization must submit an updated officer listing to OSA between August 25 and September 30 of each academic year. Student Organization Officers must be degree-seeking students at the University of South Florida with at least a 2.0 GPA. Officer listings are verified randomly throughout the year. Forms with invalid information will be returned to the organization. Failure to update officer listings may result in deactivation.

Each student organization is required to retain an advisor. The advisor must be a current USF faculty or staff person and will be the official representative for the organization (special exemption requests can be submitted to the Associate Director for Student Activities). The advisor should guide, interpret, and educate the students regarding all rules, regulations, and procedures set forth by the university, the State of Florida, and the United States Government. Student Activities staff members will conduct advisor training in these areas including the overall role of an advisor and the Event Approval Process. Each advisor is permitted to advise a maximum of three organizations.

Advisors are included on the Student Organization Registration Form submitted to Student Activities each year. Failure to update advisor status on the officer listing may result in deactivation. Student organization membership must be at least 80% currently enrolled USF students (80/20 rule). However, in order to be eligible for Activity and Service fee funding by Student Government, 100% of student organization members must be currently enrolled USF students and 10 students must be listed on the Student Organization Registration Form.

4.2 Starting a New Student Organization:

Organizers can request official registration for a student organization by submitting a completed Student Organization Registration Form together with one copy of the organization’s constitution to Student Activities for review, and meeting with the Associate Director for Student Activities (DSA). The organization is responsible for making changes (i.e., corrections, additions, and deletions) directed by Student Activities and resubmitting the required forms and/or constitution. Student Activities will forward a letter of official registration to the organization and a verification letter to the advisor. Information regarding the officially recognized organization will be filed and entered in the computer database. Questions regarding constructing a constitution and membership requirements (80/20 rule) should be directed to Student Activities staff members.

An organizer can request a provisional registration for a student organization by submitting the appropriate form. The DSA will review the request and verify the enrollment status of the organizer. Provisional registrations are authorized for not less than 90 days. During this time, the organizer should finalize their Student Organization Registration Form and Constitution and submit these documents to Student Activities. Student Activities will forward the results of the review to the organization.

4.3 Policies:

  • Student Activities initiates deactivation procedures for student organizations that fail to submit the appropriate officer and advisor listing form by the above-mentioned deadline. An organization that has been deactivated can request reactivation by submitting the appropriate form, a current constitution, and reconciling all outstanding debts for University services. The DSA will review all requests for deactivation and reactivation. Changes are entered into the computer database.
  • Student Organizations can request name changes by submitting the appropriate forms. Changes are entered into the computer database.
  • Student organizations are not permitted to schedule meetings or events during final exam week.
  • Student organizations are subject to the USF fundraising policy. Information regarding the policy may be obtained from the Student Activities Office.
  • The Student Activities Office will investigate violations of university rules, and/or State laws by Student Organizations, and will impose appropriate sanctions when necessary. A copy of the Student Organization Judicial Policy is available through the Student Activities Office or on the Web Site http://ctr.usf.edu/osa/. (Student Organization Judicial Policy appended to this document)
  • Student Organizations with past due accounts will be sent letters of reminder to both Chapter President and Advisor at 30 and 60 days past due. Organizations with bills 61-90 days late shall have all of their room reservations and other campus event reservations cancelled. Student Organizations with bills over 91 days late will have their registration suspended until the bill is paid in full. Under temporary suspension, the organization cannot hold social functions, participate in intramurals or avail themselves of any of the services afforded to registered student organizations at USF.
  • Student Organizations may not use Greek letters or words in their organization name unless the group is formally affiliated with a Greek council or Honor society.

For more information on regulations, see http://ctr.usf.edu/sa/going.html

4.4 Registering Faculty Advisors with the Credit Union

As of September 2011, faculty advisors are not allowed on student organization bank accounts.