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5. Meetings

5.1 Booking a room in CIS for a meeting

Check with front desk for booking a meeting room. Traditionally, CIS 2020 is booked for group meetings. For lectures that include use of the computers, the computer classrooms (CIS 2028 or CIS2030) are available.

5.2 All Members Meetings

At the beginning of the fall semester (preferably early August), officers will decide on the combined regular meetings for September through December of the coming school year. The Co-Secretary should post these dates to ALIS and the Webmaster should post them to the announcements on Blackboard and the calendar on the Web site. In December, the meetings should be set for spring.
  1. After monthly dates are established, one officer needs to book CIS 2020 for those dates. See section 5.1 to book a room.
  2. There should be little physical setup needed except for the LCD projector and laptop. The Webmaster is responsible for setting these up according to the procedures.
  3. The Webmaster is responsible for the virtual chat process during the meeting proceedings. Procedures for this are covered under Webmaster Duties (section 3.6).
  4. Food (Traditionally snacks are provided during all members meetings):
After being elected, the Presidents will decide which organization will “host” each meeting and choose the food for the meeting. The Treasurer is responsible for bringing food, drink, napkins, cups, ice, etc. although help may be required for larger events. Miscellaneous supplies are stored in CIS 2020.
Funds for these items will come out of the “host” organization’s account. In the event that items that a member other than the Treasurer purchases the items, reimbursement will be provided. Refer to the Treasurer’s procedures (section 3.4) for reimbursement procedures.
  1. Specific agendas and meeting reminders can be posted on ALIS (by the Co-Secretary) and should be posted on the Blackboard Community (by the Webmaster) no later than 1 week before the meeting. Agendas will be written by the host President.

5.3 Meeting of Departing Officers and Incoming Officers

As soon as possible after election results have been determined, the departing officers should meet with the incoming officers to review procedures and answer any questions that incoming officers may have.

5.4 Committee and Officers Meetings

If the committee is meeting in the CIS building, follow procedures 5.1 for booking a room. If the committee is meeting off campus or in another area, then please disregard these procedures.

5.5 Strategic Planning Meeting

In the first general meeting for the fall semester, all members must meet to plan the Student Organizations’ goals and activities for the coming year. All officers are strongly encouraged to attend. Each Student Organization’s Faculty Advisor is also invited and encouraged to attend. Other members are welcome by invitation. For example, members should discuss what types of events or theme they will promote for the coming year, any fundraising activities to be held, and other special events or activities. It is a good idea to have at least 1 (better 2) officers placed in charge of planning this strategic planning meeting; however, all officers input on possible agenda items should be solicited throughout the planning process. Minutes must be taken and final minutes approved by the officers prior to posting to the Student Organization’s section of Blackboard.

5.6 Sample Strategic Meeting Agenda

USF ALA/SLA/ASIS&T Student Chapter General Meeting
May 4, 2006
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Meeting Goals
  1. Discuss and develop revisions and additions to the Procedures Manual
  2. Review Student Chapter Constitutions
  3. Assign writing of revisions to Officers with deadline for completion
  4. Discuss, plan and identify responsible persons for Fall workshop series and other outreach opportunities in Fall


I. Procedures Manual & Constitution Updates
Although each Chapter has to update its own Constitution and appropriate sections, there are a number of general and overarching issues that have been raised and should be reviewed, updated and discussed, including the following:
  • Reviewing and updating roles & responsibilities of each officer particularly for the Presidents (from Constitutions), VPs, and Archivist (which do not have any specified)
  • Reviewing and updating Webmaster & Co-Secretaries roles & responsibilities
  • Adding more information/details about re-registering organization w/USF and w/national association
  • Adding reporting requirements to national association (dates, contact etc.)
  • Including on Blackboard copies of all reports submitted to national associations and/or USF
  • Adding procedures for adding new Faculty Advisor for USF and w/national association (i.e., steps to take)
  • Including brief history of why we do what we do (i.e., separate bank accounts, joint meetings etc.)
  • Discussing current procedures outlined that are not being followed
  • Other items Here are some websites for information on Student Chapters that will assist with the above:




USF Student Organizations Information

II. Outreach
A. Fall workshop series
B. SLIS Fall Orientation
C. Canvassing Foundations & Basic Info classes in Summer & Fall
D. Website
E. Social/Educational events

III. Fundraising
A. Fall Book Sale
B. T-shirts

IV. Other Business
A. Replacement for Wade (who is graduating)- Robbie Diaz has volunteered
B. Fall Elections - recruitment & voting
C. Other items