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8. ALA Student Intern Procedures

As an official ALA Student Chapter, SOLIS is eligible to designate one student to the roster of the ALA Student-to-Staff Program during the annual conference. To qualify for this project, the student must be an individual student member of ALA at the time of application and at least through the date of the annual conference.

Students who have already participated in the program are not eligible.

ALA will provide housing and a per diem in exchange for a total of 20 hours of work (typically four hours per day) during conference. Students will receive a short questionnaire to help match them with appropriate ALA staff.

Please keep in mind that students can be expected to perform a range of duties, from clerical, to sales, to use of computers.

8.1 Choosing a candidate

The members of SOLIS, along with the faculty advisors of ALA and SLA, vote to select a student for the ALA Student-to-Staff program. The Awards Committee should send out a survey using SurveyMonkey or a similar application, and report the winner to the ALA faculty advisor. The name of the chosen student must then be submitted to ALA by the faculty advisor. See the ALA Student-to-Staff website for more details: