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Student Organizations of Library and Information Science (SOLIS) Policies and Procedures Wiki

The Student Organizations of Library and Information Science (SOLIS) at the University of South Florida (USF) comprises two separate student chapters of the American Libraries Association (ALA) and the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

Originally, the student chapters of these groups worked individually. Currently, the two groups still maintain separate contact with their respective parent organizations for financial support. However, in 2003, the student groups of ALA and SLA, along with the then-active student chapter of ASIS&T, began to work together as one larger organization because of common goals and the benefit of pooled resources for larger events and fundraisers. It is the goal for the two organizations to recruit enough members that the groups can work separately in the future on smaller events more tailored to the separate goals of their parent organizations.

Policy & Procedures Manual:
1. Policies and Procedures Manual Review

2. Elections of Officers
2.1 Election Preparation
2.2 Counting Votes
2.3 Announcing New Officers
2.31 Sample email to new officers
2.32 Sample email to those who were not elected
2.4 October Meeting
2.5 Appointing Executive Board Members

3. Executive Board
3.1 Attendance Policy for Members of the Executive Board
3.2 President Duties
3.3 Vice President Duties
3.4 Treasurer Duties
3.5 Secretary Duties
3.6 Webmaster Duties
3.7 Archivist Duties
3.8 Removing an Executive Board Member

4. Registering a Student Organization & Faculty Advisors (using BullSync)
4.1 Coming Soon

5. Meetings
5.1 Booking a room in CIS for a meeting
5.2 All Members Meetings
5.3 Meeting of Departing Officer and Incoming Officers
5.4 Committee and Officers Meetings
5.5 Strategic Planning Meeting
5.6 Food Reimbursement

6. Committees
6.1 Socials Committee
6.2 Scholarship Committee
6.3 Procedures Manual Committee
6.4 Brown Bag Committee
6.5 After Dark Committee
6.6 Fundraising Committee
6.7 Communications Committee
6.8 Elections Committee

7. Graduation Reception

8. ALA Student Intern Procedures
8.1 Choosing a Candidate

9. Hazing

Appendix A: ALA Constitution
Appendix B: ASIS&T Constitution
Appendix C: SLA Constitution