6.4.1 Committee Description
The Brown Bag Committee schedules and manages weekly Wednesday meetings from 1-2 pm in the School of Information. Brown Bag meetings provide an opportunity for graduate students in the library and information science program to lunch and learn together. The meetings feature librarians and other information professionals from throughout the region discussing their careers and current trends. They also provide a forum for LIS students and faculty to share their research and practice presenting their papers and posters to a group their of peers.

6.4.2 Committee Members
A. Committee Chair: Latoya Mozell
B. Committee Members: Rebecca Durney, Nardia Cumberbatch

6.4.3 Committee Procedures
A. Scheduling Brown Bags
    1. At the end of each semester, the committee chair will determine the number of meeting slots to be filled for the following semester and will create events for them on the SOLIS Public Google Calendar. That number will be divided by the number of committee members. Each committee member will be responsible for confirming their assigned number of presenters and completing the following corresponding tasks.
    2. Once a presenter has been confirmed, the committee member will enter the presenter's name and affiliation to the title of the existing Brown Bag event title on the SOLIS Public Google Calendar, as well as a description of the presenters background and/or presentation material in the appropriate box. The committee member will enter the email addresses of their fellow committee members in the "Add guests" box. Choose "Save." A "Send invitations?" box will open. Choose Send in response to "Would you like to send invitations to guests?" The rest of the committee members will be notified that you have confirmed a presenter for that date.
    3. Set up an Elluminate Live! session for the date you have scheduled the Brown Bag.
a. Log-in to Blackboard.
b. Enter SOLIS's page through My Organizations Plus box or Student Life tab.
c. Click the Tools link on the left side of the page.
d. Scroll down and click the Elluminate Live! link.
e. Click the Create Elluminate Live! Session button.
f. Change the session name to Brown Bag: [name of presenter] XXXX/XX/XX 1-2 pm
g. Change the Session Schedule Start Date and End Date drop boxes to reflect the date and time in the title.
h. Click the Submit button.
i. If you are inviting a presenter or other non-USF affiliate to join us virtually, click the Send Email link on the Session Details page. If not, skip to the next step.
i. Enter the participant(s) e-mail address in the Recipients box.
ii. Enter an appropriate subject heading (ex. Your participation in SOLIS Brown Bag on XX/XX/XXXX)
iii. The email will include a link that will connect the participant directly to the Elluminate session on the specified date and time with directions.
iv. Click the Submit button.
v. The Elluminate Live! session will become active and available to all participants 30 minutes before the time you designated.
4. Send an email as a friendly reminder to the presenter the Monday before the Wednesday that they are supposed to present.

B. Managing a Brown Bag
    1. Elluminate Live! Session
a. Initiate Session
i. Insert Snowball microphone in USB port and set switch on 3.
ii. Log-in to Blackboard.
iii. Enter SOLIS's page through My Organizations Plus box or Student Life tab.
iv. Click the Tools link on the left side of the page.
v. Scroll down and click the Elluminate Live! link.
vi. Click the link to the Elluminate Live! session you created previously (See A.3.f above.).
vii. Click OK when prompted to open the JNLP file.
viii. Click Allow when prompted to allow Elluminate Live! access to your computer.
iv. Click "I agree" to the Session Participant Agreement when prompted.
x. Click OK to select connection speed.
xi. Click Close to delay recording.
b. Audio Setup
i. Open the Tools menu.
ii. Hover over Audio and select Audio Setup Wizard.
iii. Follow prompts to complete speaker and microphone setup. (Note: Select "Blue Sno-ball microphone" for Audio Input Device and click OK.)
iv. If a presenter is participating virtually, you will need to enable simultaneous talkers.

v. Click on the microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the Elluminate Live! box. (Note: When the microphone icon is highlighted in yellow, other participants can hear input.)
C. Brown Bag Follow-up

6.4.4 Sample Materials