Adding & Removing Users from Blackboard

NOTE: All officers can add/remove members to SOLIS but only the organization president's can add/remove/approve members for the organizations

Adding Members

  • Find out which individual organizations the user would like to join (SOLIS, ALA, SLA, and/or ASIS&T)
  • Determine user's USF user id/email address
  • Go to Blackboard | Control Panel | Enroll User for the individual organization
  • Search for the new member’s name.
  • Check the box that says “add.” The new member is now on the list and will have access to Blackboard.
  • Repeat process for each organization the member is interested in
  • Send welcome email to member, including information about how to access Blackboard

Removing Members

  • Go to Blackboard | Control Panel | Remove Users from Organization
  • Search for member's name
  • Check box that says "remove"